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The following is a list of Mabel Pines' sweaters. The sweaters are based on the sweaters that Ariel Hirsch wore. Throughout the series, Mabel has been shown wearing 107 different sweaters. The symbols on her shooting-star and llama sweaters are later revealed to be part of the Zodiac that could defeat Bill Cipher. Mabel's sweaters are inspired by one sweater Alex Hirsch's sister, Ariel, wore.
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Dude Jellies are real, yes, yes. Men's jelly shoes like The Dude wore in The Big Lebowksi can now be yours. Abide in style.

Over the Cornpop was a bad Dude brewed with shirt moreover I love this past few weeks, a handful of stars have stepped out in shades that you could find at your local gas station—only theirs are, naturally, designer.
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  • Take his winter sweater game, which was on display earlier this week when Mayer made a surprise appearance on Watch What Happens Live in New York City. While the rest of us reach for sensible ...
  • 3 Things I Love. 1. I love the texture, the moistness, the size and most of all, the taste. Simply put, it was one of the best g-free bars I've had. 2. I love that the company was founded by a fellow celiac. 3. I love the sweater, even though it was only a loaner (see pics below.)
  • Our OFFLINE by Aerie collection is here to get you moving! Check out our collections: The Hugger, OG, Real Me, Goals & more! Each fabric was designed for movement & comfort with all the deets to back it up. Whether you're couch surfing or hitting the gym in our workout leggings, workout tops and sports bras, our collections are the best for any ...
  • Lebowski Cardigan Pattern Bath Towel. $29.99. Sold Out. Lebowski Cardigan Pattern Coaster. $11.99. Lebowski Cardigan Pattern Face Mask (ear loops) $16.99. Lebowski Cardigan Pattern White Mug 11oz (2-sided) $16.99.
  • The Big Lebowski is a certified cult classic that had to make the list when talking about Sundance style. The Dude's slacker attitude is perfectly reflected in his wardrobe: baggy tee, oversized Pendleton sweater, jelly sandals, black shades. I updated the outfit with items from some of my favorite men's retailers — while keeping the []