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The service worker can then provide a response to the request, for example, by using the Fetch API, the Cache Storage API, or by generating a response using new Response (). To understand which service worker intercepts a URL request, there are two rules. Main resource requests are requests for a window or a web worker.
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Answer: A2A: I would not advise it since there is probably a lot of stuff in your browser profile that turns out to be important to you. However, it is possible to purge a very large amount of data there. The proper way to do it is to use the tools built into the browser. Just hit ctrl-shift-del.

The match () method of the CacheStorage interface checks if a given Request is a key in any of the Cache objects that the CacheStorage object tracks and returns a Promise that resolves to the matching Response. Cache objects are searched by key insertion order. Note: CacheStorage.match () is a convenience method.
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  • Check it our yourself! Go to file, thats where we configure sw-precache to build a service worker. Look for the SWPrecacheWebpackPlugin constructor and change the minified option to false. Then, run yarn build. When we now check our /build folder, we find the service-worker.js file there.
  • 2020. 4. 3. · It involves installing CCleaner Pro (which is not free), and installing a free third-party add-on called CCEnhancer and then using this to delete
  • 2018. 11. 5. · While they provide an important foundation, and can be used as-is, both service workers and the Cache Storage API are effectively lower-level building blocks, with a number of edge cases and "gotchas". There are some higher-level tools that can help smooth the difficult bits of those APIs, and provide all you need to build a production-ready ...
  • Service worker in production. This page is a reference for deploying and supporting production applications that use the Angular service worker. It explains how the Angular service worker fits into the larger production environment, the service worker's behavior under various conditions, and available resources and fail-safes.
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